Yelm…the Chicago of Washington

Chicago is called the “windy city”.  Justifiably.  I’ve been there.  Definitely breezy.  I had no idea that little Yelm, WA, Pride of the Prairie, was just as blustery.  Perhaps the word “prairie” should have clued me in.  I don’t know.  I do know that we had our third cold frame disaster this past week.  This time I was standing right there watching as a big gust of wind blew up out of nowhere (okay…probably Chicago) and knocked another cold frame flat.  Seedlings everywhere, soil, mayhem.  It was a mess.  Managed to rescue most of the plants.  They are now in plant triage while they recover from their ordeal.

We have been thinking about just how we will install poly tunnels on the property.  The current thinking is steel girders and six foot concrete footings.

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