Happy Spring!

Happy spring!  The second batch of seed trays were planted and put under lights this past weekend.  I even managed to get the timer set correctly for a change today.  Well, I think I got it set correctly.  When all the grow lights come to glaring life at 2 AM I might have to reevaluate that statement.

I dealt with the timer after re-writing roughly half of all the plant labels in the seed trays.  This weekend I broke out my bright, shiny, and new, fine tipped Sharpie to clearly print out the botanical nomenclature on the seed tray labels.  Anyone who has used a standard Sharpie will understand why a fine tipped pen is so wonderful when you are writing something like Scutellaria baicalensis on 1.5” of plastic and expect to be able to read it two weeks later when you no longer remember what you planted in that tray.  What I neglected to notice was that these were Sharpie’s basic writing pens…not permanent markers.  Guess what happened as soon as I watered the trays?  Hence, the scramble to re-write the labels while I could still make out the names.

The first batch of seed trays were slaughtered during a windstorm a week ago.  Those trays were planted this past fall and were sitting in a cold frame over the winter.  They had just started to germinate when the storm hit and blew the cold frame over, tipping all the seed trays out in the process.  It was frustrating and saddening to see the drippy, slushy pile of seedling mix washing away in the rain and snow after looking after my plants-in-the-making all winter.  However, there was a little silver lining to the adventure.  I was able to gently work some of the seedlings out of the pile and replant them.  It was an Indiana Jones archeological adventure for plant nerds.  There are not many of them, but it is the principle of the thing, darn it!

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