Eutrochium purpureum (formerly…Eupatorium purpureum)

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Joe Pye Weed or Gravel Root.  This is a stately, back of the border, sort of plant.  At up to 7 feet tall, it will not be missed.  And when in flower, the large purple and fragrant blooms also ensure the plant stands head and shoulders above the garden.  Zones 4-9 in full sun to partial shade.  Gravel root likes to be damp and will tolerate clay soil and wet ground.  It will also tolerate deer, or is that deer won't tolerate it?  Unlike deer, butterflies DO like this flower.  As a medicinal it has a long history of use by the American native peoples as a diaphoretic to break fevers.  It continues in contemporary herbalism for its astringent, diuretic, nervine and tonic properties.

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