Foeniculum vulgare nigra

Bronze fennel tends to strike terror in the hearts of some gardeners.  Yes, left to distribute its seeds you may find yourself a commercial fennel farmer, but that is easily remedied.  Bag and collect all those yummy seeds for your kitchen before they drop.  I love this plant because of the height, color and scent.  It is an herbal aromatic reminiscent of anise.  Growing up to 6' tall it makes a definite statement in the garden and the bronze ferny leaves and umbel flower heads area beautiful.  Seeds and leaves can be used in cooking and have a long history of use.  As an aromatic fennel is a carminative in herbal medicine.  Zones 5-10 in full sun.  Great pollinator plant.  Bees and butterflies (particularly the swallowtail) love this plant.  Slugs and snails do not.

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